Thursday, 13 October 2011

NOTD Shellac

I'm currently wearing a shellac manicure on my nails. We learnt how to apply it at college this week which is the reason as to why i have it. I think its really interesting and i do really like it. Shellac is a gel polish that lasts for about 2 weeks and doesn't chip, it also stays super shinny. It has no drying time and it doesn't damage your nails in anyway! The colour i chose was 'Gotcha'.

Have you tried shellac or any other branded gel polish? xxx


  1. Looks lovely :)
    I had some gel nail polish put on when I was out shopping a few weeks ago can't remember the name of the brand but I was not all that impressed because it peeled off after 2 days :( xxx

  2. I've never tried any gel polish, but it seems amazing. No chipping? I need this! The colour you've got on is gorgeous :) xx

  3. I'm not usually a fan of pink nails, but these are so pretty! xx

  4. I have been rather curious about this for the past few weeks. It looks really nice though.


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