Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sun, Sea, Sand!

Yesterday me and some of the family took a trip to our closest beach which is Weston Super Mare which is about an hour and 45 minutes away to spend the day their as with this 'heatwave/Indian summer' we knew it would be a good idea. I love visiting Weston as i go more than once every year. The day was full of shopping, sunbathing, going in the sea, walking along the beach, having a barbecue on the beach, being in a bikini and not looking out of place, being wolf whistled at (mahosive cringe) and going on the new pier (the old one burnt down) The beach was very busy, and the drama happened before we left. Lots of police cars 3 fire engines and rescue people as two girls went too far out and got stuck in the mud! And then a family lost a baby girl which one women luckily handed into the police and then found her parents after they realised she was missing. Hoping to go back to the beach next weekend if the weather stays lovely. Who would of thought it could be this hot in October let alone in England?

View from the walkway on the pier.
Another view from the walk way.
Inside the new pier, rides, go karts, air hockey  (which i love!) and loads more- basically a massive arcade with a couple of restaurants  and there is even a cafe/room type thing you can have your wedding reception at! Fancy aye?

Have any of you visited Weston? What have you all been up too during this belated summer?? xxx

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