Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nail Varnish Collection!

I have loads of nail varnishes in my collection so i thought i would share them all with you. I discovered my love for nail varnish during my beauty course. I have way more than this they are just stored in a box under my bed and these are the ones i use most of the time, you'll notice they are mainly pinks! I took advantage of the late burst of summer we have had this week in the UK and took my pictures outside! Hope you enjoy!

311 nail effects, 312 indigo, 309 strawberry ice cream, 272 shocking pink, 273 raspberry, 296 coral, 305 pink flamingo, 318 peach melba, 262 bright red, 308 berry ice cream. 
120 royal red, 485 blushing princess, 236 red vines, 542 birds of paradise, 457 juicy melon,  493 pharaoh, 128 raspberry, 386 Dynamic, 480 renaissance fair - about 4 are true to colour. 

233 spontaneous, 067 rosita, planks a lot, sparrow me the drama, jessica colour isnt named.
lili's pink,mystic mauve, blue moon, beth's blue, pink fizz, juicy jules, bubblegum, 3in1 top coat base coat & gloss.
319 ruby me, 317 coral romance, 406 purple addict, 293 pop rose, 405 fantasy, 297 show off, 298 pink amazon, 307 grape sorbet, 275 electric!, 198 azure. 
Sally Hansen Diamons Raadiance Hand & Cuticle Polish, Sally Hansen Complete Cae Extra Moisterising 4in1 Treatment, Rimmel London Matter Finsih...........,Models Own 3in1 Top Coat Base Coat Gloss.

Do any of you have any of these polishes in your favourites collection? xxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ASOS Wishlist

As online shopping is opne of my baddest habbits i have created antoher wishlist fullof things that really need to be in my life! After noticing asos have free deleivery i had a look at the River Island section and discovered some bits i loved!Including a leopard print purse! How beautiful?? The other bits i loved were from Warehouse and Lipsy. 
Here is my beautiful wishlist..

What do you all think of these items? Likey likey? xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Witch Prize!

The other week i was lucky enough to win one of the new Witch Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer over at Sarah's blog. I did take me a while to receive my concealer but i cant really complain as it was a prize and Holly at Witch was very kind in sorting that out. So the other day my Concealer came through my door and i was very excited about trying it.

Witch Anti-blemish Liquid Concealer is specially formulated for oily/combination skin. Enriched with antibacterial actives, it helps target spots and blemishes while smoothly covering them helping you to achieve a clear looking complexion instantly. Providing medium coverage and a natural matte finish, the lightweight formulation is also suitable for use under eyes, and great for reducing redness around the nose. The concealer targets and conceals spots and blemishes and hides imperfections. It's fragrance free,oil free and dermatologically tested.
I have previously liked Witch products which is why i was excited to try it and im happy with the results. The box is packed with interesting information you need to know about the product, how to apply it and all the ingredients. I've had really clear skin recently (touch wood) so havent had any major blemishes to cover, but i do have some scars from blemishes to cover and they covered like a treat. The medium creamy coverage doesn't go on cakey, it goes on smooth when blended into the skin.I chose the shade 01light and its great for covering dark circles, although the box suggests to avoid contact with eyes therefore you do need to be careful with it. The sleek pen like packaging is great for popping in your handbag in case you need to touch up throughout the day. The concealer is priced at £6.99 for 10ml.
Have any of my wonderful followers tried and Witch products?xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

MAC Customer Service

This is just a quick ramble on how i love the MAC customer service they have recently given me! Customer Service for me is important so i think everyone everywhere should be treated how i was!

Last Wednesday i was looking on their site for a new foundation  and was really wishing i could have help from a member of staff at MAC, but unfortunately i couldn't as my nearest store is in Milton Keynes which is an hour and a bit away from me or Birmingham and i just didn't have time to travel there and back. I then thought i would find an email address to see whether there  was an option for a sample or some advice. I found the email an artist button and that is what i did. You have to fill out a couple of details about your skin and makeup preferences and then write what you want to discuss. Over the weekend i had then forgot about me emailing MAC and just decided to take the plunge and buy the MAC studio sculpt and on Monday i got an email reply from Liz a makeup artist at MAC! I was shocked to even see i had a reply but the email was packed with lots of information and told me they would love to help me find a foundation! Liz then told me how to find my undertone so here is a tip for any of you if you don't know your MAC shade you simply just clench your fist - if your knuckles appear white you are an NC shade (yellow) and if your knuckles appear more pink you are an NW shade (pink) that's easy right? So after finding out i was NC15 which id guessed i was anyway i told Liz and then asked her to recommend me a foundation as i told her about my skin type. I then got another email from Liz with the recommended foundation, she recommended Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation provides medium-full coverage, she told me lots about the foundation, how i should apply this and how i could built more coverage with it.

I then sent her my address and awaited my foundation sample and it came this morning! horaayyy!! Not only did i just get a sample of the foundation the lovely girls at MAC also send me some prep + prime to pop under it. I was so happy to receive this brilliant service! I didn't think i would end up with a sample but it only took 3 days to come when i was told to allow 7-10 days! I think this MAC service needs to get more credit! They are great.

If you want to email an artist click here to do so.
Please note: Samples of foundation are available to customers who live out with a 20 mile radius of a MAC Store or Counter. Should you have access to a MAC Store or counter we advise that you pop in and an Artist will be happy to provide you with a sample of foundation that you wish to try if not I would be happy to organise a sample for you. MAC also never asked me to do this review, i'm doing it as i'm guenuiely happy with this service.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Hot Shots Review!

You might of previously seen a haul featuring these about a month a go i believe and i have only just got round to using them! My hair was feeling like straw the other night so when i had a bath a wacked one of these beautys on my hair!

Lee Stafford says Hot Shots 2 Minute Miracle Repair Kit is a self-heating conditioning treatment with Pro-Repair™ which gets to the root of the problem by targeting dry and damaged hair to leave it healthy and beautifully conditioned. This intensive treatment is designed especially for damaged hair, with the Pro-Repair™ complex of Soy, Amino Acids and a Replenishing active, strengthening, replenishing and restoring the integrity of the cuticle and optimising the moisture balance. Containing warming vanilla this shot stimulates and increases circulation due to its spicy ingredients.

What i think of the product? I actually really enjoyed using this product and love the way it works. I think its very interesting that after applying the product all over your hair it starts to heat up, It doesn't get too hot but you can feel the warmth! I was very intrigued. It completely took away the feel of my straw  like hair leaving it completely soft. The one thing i absolutely hate about this product is the way it comes in a weird tubed shaped package. I know Lee Stafford loves his packaging but i'm sure they could of thought of something better. Trying to get the product out of these tubes with wet hands is an utter nightmare! It was just impossible as the plastic is thick therefore its not so easy to squeeze out. Lots of product was left in the tube which was such a waste. The product is priced at £7.19 which is quite high end for a conditioning treatment but on the packaging i will not be buying again!

Has anyone else tried these hot shots? xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum

The other morning i received a lovely parcel from the people at savvy circle and it was the Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum. It came packaged very nicely with lots of goodies inside. I have the opportunity to review the foundation, hand out samples to friend and family and to give money off vouchers.

Savvy Circle
A bit about the foundation: The new Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum combines make-up with skincare; a blend of foundation  with unique serum with SPF 15. It delivers instant cosmetic and skincare benefits. The intelligent foundation instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The unique serum with SPF 15 simultaneously helps protect against signs of ageing such as age spots and uneven skin tone. This foundation is a part of Max Factor’s “Elixir” range. The 2in1 foundation + serum is joined by the brand’s new Colour “Elixir” Lipstick that moisturises and conditions your lips. The Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum is available in the UK September 2011 with a recommended retail price of £12.99.
Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum Swatch Warm Almond

What I think of the foundation? Overall i think the packaging for this product is good, not over the top and not too much. I am very thankful this foundation has a pump as i know so many people hate foundations that don’t have a pump. I love the fact it gives you a ‘cut out’ bit so you can see the shade of the foundation you’ve got, i opted for warm almond. It also has Anti-Oxidant Packaging comprising Vitamin E, Allantoin, Panthenol, Green Tea which protect the skin against free radicals. However my first impressions of the foundation colour weren't so good. I was disappointed at how ‘orange’ toned the warm almond shade is when rubbing it in, once blended in its not so orange but me knowing how orange it looked doesn’t give me the biggest confidence boost so i tried a sample in the shade natural so you can see the difference. Again my first thoughts were this is so orange, you wouldn't catch me wearing this out. But after a while of blending it on my hand it became less orange but if you don’t blend it correctly say hello to the umpa lumpa! On the other hand i do love the fact that its a 2in1 with a serum in! It does make the skin feel soft and natural as it contains Glycerine, Niacinnamide, N-acetyl Glucosamine which are known skin conditioning ingredients! And then the fact it has SPF 15 on top of all that is a bonus.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum Natural Swatch
Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum in Natural

Overall i am happy with how the foundation turned out but unfortunately i don’t think its for me. As i think this foundation is targeted at middle-aged women and older i think i should be using this in 15+ years time.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Models Own Haul!

Im sure all you beauty bloggers would know that Models Own had a 50% off sale when they reached 50,000 fans on the Models Own Facebook page and as i have never tried Models Own polishes i thought at £2.50 for one i couldn’t miss this sale. I picked up 9 polishes and 1 nail art pen. They came packaged nicely and securely to prevent the polishes smashing! Their people that run the Facebook page are super nice! I had a few problems and i commented and always go a reply, very happy with my order.

The polishes i got were:
- Nude Beige
- Bubblegum
- Pink Fizz
- Lilis Pink
- Blue Moon
- Beth's Blue
- Mystic Mauve
- Juicy Jules
- 3-in-1 Base Coat/Top Coat/Gloss

I love them all so much! They apply really nice, dry really quick and have good coverage so if you wanted you could only have 1 coat! I couldn't resist a play so here's what my nails are looking like at the moment..

Mystic Mauve and Pink fizz ( excuse the dry skin and dry cuticles!)

Did any of you buy from the Models own 50% sale? Thanks for reading! xxx