Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nail Varnish Collection!

I have loads of nail varnishes in my collection so i thought i would share them all with you. I discovered my love for nail varnish during my beauty course. I have way more than this they are just stored in a box under my bed and these are the ones i use most of the time, you'll notice they are mainly pinks! I took advantage of the late burst of summer we have had this week in the UK and took my pictures outside! Hope you enjoy!

311 nail effects, 312 indigo, 309 strawberry ice cream, 272 shocking pink, 273 raspberry, 296 coral, 305 pink flamingo, 318 peach melba, 262 bright red, 308 berry ice cream. 
120 royal red, 485 blushing princess, 236 red vines, 542 birds of paradise, 457 juicy melon,  493 pharaoh, 128 raspberry, 386 Dynamic, 480 renaissance fair - about 4 are true to colour. 

233 spontaneous, 067 rosita, planks a lot, sparrow me the drama, jessica colour isnt named.
lili's pink,mystic mauve, blue moon, beth's blue, pink fizz, juicy jules, bubblegum, 3in1 top coat base coat & gloss.
319 ruby me, 317 coral romance, 406 purple addict, 293 pop rose, 405 fantasy, 297 show off, 298 pink amazon, 307 grape sorbet, 275 electric!, 198 azure. 
Sally Hansen Diamons Raadiance Hand & Cuticle Polish, Sally Hansen Complete Cae Extra Moisterising 4in1 Treatment, Rimmel London Matter Finsih...........,Models Own 3in1 Top Coat Base Coat Gloss.

Do any of you have any of these polishes in your favourites collection? xxx


  1. Great collection :) i love your Barry M and models own ones. Also the two OPI ones are gorgeous- Sparrow Me The Drama is one of my faves xx

  2. Barry M must be my favorite drigstore nail polish brand, can't wait for them to come to Canada!


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