Sunday, 13 November 2011

Beauty Tip From Cheryl Cole

If anyone has twitter and follows Cheryl Cole they will know that she's prone for her random tweets and she happened to post a beauty tip; which i think it's very handy!

"*Beauty Tip* for unruly eyebrows.. wash out an old bristle tip mascara brush and leave it to dry overnight.. spray on a little it of Elnett and brush it over your eyebrows.. it'll keep them in place for the night ;-)"

Personally i think this tip is brilliant! As soon as i saw her tweet i washed a mascara brush i no longer used and found out my Cheryl Cole limited edition Elnett (coincidence?) and did exactly what the woman herself said. I found it works very well for training your eyebrows to grow in the direction you want them to! It makes such a difference for me, i do it at night and after i've applied my makeup, and will do this for a very long time! Thankyou Cheryl. 


  1. Great tip :) Xx

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  3. It is a great tip xx
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  5. oh this is awesome! I'm sooo going to try this tonight!


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