Saturday, 19 November 2011

MAC Lipstick For Sale

I'm selling MAC Creme Cup lipstick which I bought the other day. Its a gorgeous nude pink colour which i love but unfortunately it doesn't suit me. I'm definitely annoyed at this as i liked it so much yet just seems a waste for it to be sitting in my draw. I have swatched this one, its a cremesheen lipstick and comes with the box. I'll be selling it for £12 including postage to the UK. If you're interested and would like to know more/contact me feel free to email me; xxx


  1. you can take it back for full price! Or exchange it... it might be worth it to save the hassle of S&H.

  2. oh thats interesting to know! although i picked this up from the debenhams website as nowhere near me stocks MAC, do you know if thats the same situation or whether i should email them?

  3. I just followed you. Beautiful blog. Do follow my blogs.

    I could feature you on the 2nd blog as it is also a beauty blog.

  4. so nice colour of lipstick. i like this colour.


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