Sunday, 17 July 2011

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Review

Evening Dolls, on Wednesday i popped into a local Tesco’s whilst i was going to the cinema. I noticed my hand were extremely dry! I have previously tried so many hand creams but none have had the results I've wanted. So i went to the hand cream section to see if they had any that looked like they would work for me. I picked up the Norwegian Formula hand cream and having previously see adverts for this product i thought it must be worth the buy. at £3.59 i didn't have much to lose either.
Neutrogena Hand Cream
This concentrated hand cream claims immediate and lasting relief for even the most dry hands. Just a dab of the gycerin-enriched instantly relieves and protects seriously or chapped hands. I through this product was definitely worth the try if only a ‘dab’ would be needed as the 50ml tube would go a long way.
As soon as i got out of Tesco i straight away tried the product and in my eyes it lives up to all claims. A very small amount of product is needed to be rubbed in to last a couple of hours. Product stays on hands and soaks in making them noticeably smoother and softer. All in all this product is a win and will be staying in my handbag permanently.

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