Monday, 25 July 2011

Outfit, Primark, Sainsburys haul!

Today my mum took me shopping in Coventry as she needed to return something from primarni. I then dragged her to central six (some shops in a different area of coventry) and then finally on the way home we went to sainsburys as i wanted to get a few bits. So here is what i got..
So i bought all of the above from Outift, and they were all in the sale! Was very chuffed as i have little money to spend!
Freedom Ring – £1.50
Freedom Ring - £1.50
Miss Selfridge Beige like Shorts - £10
Miss Selfridge Black Shorts - £12
I managed to pick up these lovely items from Primark! Not a shop im a fan of but they are so cheap and i do love a good bargain!
Primark Floral Print Skirt - £5
Primark Black Dress - £5
I did also buy some flip flops but forgot to take a picture, they were also a sale item for a bargain £1!  And i bought some more dresses but they were too small :(
My last buys of the day are the above. If you read my last post you would be aware i was in need of a new facial exfoliator. So when i came across this new Clean & Clear range i thought i would try the exfoliator as Sainsburys didn’t stock my normal one. I haven’t used this product yet but it smells divine, it contains lemongrass and fruit extracts and it is oil free. I also picked up the shine control daily facial lotion as both products were on a introduction offer at £2.50 each. Bargain! The lotion smells the same as the exfoliator and also is oil free. It removes oil for a shine free day. I don’t get that shine but when its hot i do so i thought i would try these products out for summer :) i then picked up my usual razor blades.
Have you tried any of these products? If so let me know what you think about them!
If you want a review of the Clean & Clear products let me know!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. You got some great bargains :) i really love the floral print skirt!


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