Sunday, 31 July 2011

Small Asda Haul ;)

So Friday night i went for a meal at the Harvester with my mum brother and my mums boyfriend. My brother is going on holiday to Rhodes, Faliraki on Wednesday (my jealousy doesn’t cut it) so we went to asda to get him a few more bit, and me being me i couldn’t leave without having to have picked something up for myself!
So i picked up so batiste blush dry shampoo. I have read lots of reviews on this and people say its a must have, so i asked myself why haven’t i tried this before? Well i agree it is a must have but i hate the smell! It smells horrible! But for in between washes it will do!

I then noticed some eye catching nail varnishes  that just looked so summery therefore i couldn’t leave them. I came away with a pale bright pink, a deep red, a lush teal colour and a pale lilac/purple and at £1.75 i could afford 4! Some people might slate them saying for that price they will be horrible quality, i can assure you they are fine. They look like any other with two coats.

Have any of you tried these products? If so whats your opinion?

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