Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ASOS Wishlist

As online shopping is opne of my baddest habbits i have created antoher wishlist fullof things that really need to be in my life! After noticing asos have free deleivery i had a look at the River Island section and discovered some bits i loved!Including a leopard print purse! How beautiful?? The other bits i loved were from Warehouse and Lipsy. 
Here is my beautiful wishlist..

What do you all think of these items? Likey likey? xxx


  1. I have the Lipsy garland and wouldn't recommend it. It's too small to be used as a headband (the elastic became completely detached from the clasp) and it's too big to be used around a bun or ponytail. No idea how I'm supposed to use it x

  2. thats awful, its so pretty though. is there any way you can return it?xx

  3. I tried it on aaaages after buying it so I thought it would be pointless. I can reattach it to the clasp but if I stretch it too much then it comes off again. I think it might work for big updos like the model in the picture.

    I found one similar in New Look for only £3.99 plus 20% student discount. And it fits perfectly around my head :) They don't have it online but you might spot it at your local store x


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