Friday, 16 September 2011

Hot Shots Review!

You might of previously seen a haul featuring these about a month a go i believe and i have only just got round to using them! My hair was feeling like straw the other night so when i had a bath a wacked one of these beautys on my hair!

Lee Stafford says Hot Shots 2 Minute Miracle Repair Kit is a self-heating conditioning treatment with Pro-Repair™ which gets to the root of the problem by targeting dry and damaged hair to leave it healthy and beautifully conditioned. This intensive treatment is designed especially for damaged hair, with the Pro-Repair™ complex of Soy, Amino Acids and a Replenishing active, strengthening, replenishing and restoring the integrity of the cuticle and optimising the moisture balance. Containing warming vanilla this shot stimulates and increases circulation due to its spicy ingredients.

What i think of the product? I actually really enjoyed using this product and love the way it works. I think its very interesting that after applying the product all over your hair it starts to heat up, It doesn't get too hot but you can feel the warmth! I was very intrigued. It completely took away the feel of my straw  like hair leaving it completely soft. The one thing i absolutely hate about this product is the way it comes in a weird tubed shaped package. I know Lee Stafford loves his packaging but i'm sure they could of thought of something better. Trying to get the product out of these tubes with wet hands is an utter nightmare! It was just impossible as the plastic is thick therefore its not so easy to squeeze out. Lots of product was left in the tube which was such a waste. The product is priced at £7.19 which is quite high end for a conditioning treatment but on the packaging i will not be buying again!

Has anyone else tried these hot shots? xxx

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