Friday, 2 September 2011

Models Own Haul!

Im sure all you beauty bloggers would know that Models Own had a 50% off sale when they reached 50,000 fans on the Models Own Facebook page and as i have never tried Models Own polishes i thought at £2.50 for one i couldn’t miss this sale. I picked up 9 polishes and 1 nail art pen. They came packaged nicely and securely to prevent the polishes smashing! Their people that run the Facebook page are super nice! I had a few problems and i commented and always go a reply, very happy with my order.

The polishes i got were:
- Nude Beige
- Bubblegum
- Pink Fizz
- Lilis Pink
- Blue Moon
- Beth's Blue
- Mystic Mauve
- Juicy Jules
- 3-in-1 Base Coat/Top Coat/Gloss

I love them all so much! They apply really nice, dry really quick and have good coverage so if you wanted you could only have 1 coat! I couldn't resist a play so here's what my nails are looking like at the moment..

Mystic Mauve and Pink fizz ( excuse the dry skin and dry cuticles!)

Did any of you buy from the Models own 50% sale? Thanks for reading! xxx


  1. I'm still waiting for mine to turn up :) xx

  2. Wow these look so pretty, I saw this sale on their facebook too, I kind of regret not getting anything now :(


  3. Oh boo, I'm very jealous I missed this! Looks like you got some lovely colours x

  4. ooh the one on your nails is super pretty

  5. I'm so jealous :( haha these are gorgeous colours. Such a good deal, only £2.50 each! xx

  6. Wow!! Hello haul, you got some great shades.


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