Friday, 12 August 2011

Can’t Go Shopping Without Spending Money..

Yesterday my mum decided to take me shopping as we hadn’t been for a while so whilst walking around we went to look in boots, and me being me i can never leave boots without buying something! So i went to look and the Lee Stafford range where id been looking at the ‘Sea Salt Spray’ for a while but i didn't know whether it would be worth the money as it was £7.49 for 150ml, but as i was looking i noticed a sign ‘3 for £12’ thats a bargain? 3 Lee Stafford products for £4 each is so cheap so i couldn’t resist. As well as buying the Sea Salt Spray i picked up ‘Hot Shots’ originally £7.19 and a pot of ‘Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length’ which originally £7.99 as id also been looking to buy this for a while now and as it was the last one sitting on the shelf i couldn’t leave it there! So altogether i saved over £10 which i was rather happy with!


I really hope these products live up to the expectations i have of them! I will do reviews of all of them once i have tried and tested them, but if you’ve tried them let me know what you thought of them!
I also went into Outfit and picked up this super cute Freedom swallow necklace that i loved, loved it more when i saw it was £2.50 in the sale but when i paid for it it was £1.50! I can’t stop finding these bargains! Need-to-stop-spending!!!!


Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Lee Stafford's sea salt spray has had quite good reviews :) The swallow necklace is so cute!x


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