Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Leopard Print Nails!

So today i thought i would take my mind off all the riots and share with you all what i have on my nails at the moment. I adore this look as i love leopard print, i actually can’t believe i haven’t had my nails like this before!
So first i started off with a base coat, which i then left to dry. I then applied two coats of No7 ‘35 Iced Mocha’ and again i thoroughly let them dry. I then got out my Konad Stamping kit and used the plate ‘m57’ with my MUA nail polish in shade ‘2’. I finished this with a quick drying top coat :) do you all like it as much as i do?

The nail varnish here looks like it has dents in as i had to do some jobs for my mother bear right after i did these :(
Thanks For Reading xxx


  1. They look brilliant! I need to invest in a Konad stamping kit, I'm so bad at nail art hah x

  2. oh wow, your nails look amazing!

  3. and those silly riots are everywhere, I couldnt go shopping in birmingham :(
    aha x

  4. @thecosmeticcrave, same! me and a friend were going to go on thursday but its not worth the risk :( xx

  5. These are amazing!! I need one!!

    Thanks for follwing me on twitter (staceyjayee88) :)

    Stacey x


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