Saturday, 13 August 2011

Youthful Radiance!

For a while i have been ‘eyeing’ up- my mums Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On (what a mouthful!) and the other day i decided to try it and i honestly can’t believe i haven’t had my hands on this before! This product is amazzzing! This product comes in 4 different shades; Very fair, fair, medium and dark so I'm sure there is a shade to suit everyone's skin tone. This product sells for £10.20 at boots but is currently on offer for 2 for £12 on selected Garnier youthful radiance. Although i found this product for £7 at Asda so i suggest shopping around to find out the cheapest place to get it at!

Garnier claims the 2-in-1 formula is a moisturising eye cream & a cooling roller ball which refreshes and hydrates tired-looking eyes with mineral enriched pigments it instantly covers dark circles

Why i love it? I love this product because it makes my eyes completely flawless! After applying my foundation i apply the product and then blend it in with my fingers . I don’t have bad dark circles but i like how it gives the eyes a tidy look and completely blends in with my foundation. Its a complete must have Product. I really do recommend this product even after one use.

So today i went on a hunt to buy one and i noticed one on a market i went to for £5! Your all going to say i bet that's been used before blah but lots of stalls were selling them for £5 and i did double check the roll-on ball was concealer free, either way im happy with my bargain.


Have any of you tried my new favourite product? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks for reading xxx

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