Monday, 8 August 2011

Hair Masks!

Evening dolls, today i went into town to go to Superdrug to pick up a couple of hair masks. I had already looked up on the internet to find out where they were cheaper at i it was Superdrug. I went in aiming to get 2 Dove masks but as my local store is on the small side they only had one type in stock, so i picked that up for a bargain £1.59 i now wish i had picked another up it was originally priced at £3.29 so i got it better than hair price! The one i got was an damage therapy intensive repair express treatment conditioner, which can be used daily which is great! It contains ‘ treatment with fibre actives which penetrate deep inside to rebind damaged proteins and reconstruct internally without weighting hair down.’ It also contains ‘conditioner with micro moisture serum which intensely nourishes and seals lifted cuticles to protect against future damage.’ I hope it lives up to my expectations!

As i saw they didn’t have the other mask i wanted i looked round and saw they had lots of offers on on hair care so i then picked up a Herbal Essence mask which is called ‘ignite my colour’ for coloured and highlighted hair and it contains acid berry and silk extracts which makes the product smell gorgeous. I was so glad when i saw this product on offer as i had recently looked at buying this in Sainsbury's but was way over £4 so i picked this one up for £1.98!


If these products are amazing expect a review! And i suggest you all head down to Superdrug or check the website out as they currently have free standard delivery to stock up on haircare products! Also what do you all think about the new layout? Good, Bad? Please tell me what you think! Thanks for reading xxx


  1. The layout looks lovely :) ive tried the dove damage therapy and it has definatley got to be my fave conditioner to buy when i want something cheaper that will do a great job! Im yet to try out the herbal essences mask so i'll wait for your review.

    Take care

  2. I love directions for colouring my hair. I have gone from pink to blue to purple with directions and I'm convinced it's a much kinder dye for hair than anything else i've used.

    hydratherma hair products


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